Interesting facts about Captain Bhagirath



Some interesting habits and passion of Bhagirath Samai

  • Carrer best performance when he was engaged to Rina Samai:  he was engaged to Rina Samai in the year 1991 and in December SAF games(1991) held  in Srilanka he bangs his career best SILVER medal with the rating point of 1118 in Free rifle 3P(M) his team bag 1st position in this event and won GOLD medal they married in the year 1992 this year (2017) they celebrated 25th marriage anniversary 
  • He loves planting and gardening:– he loves planting and have his house shooter Den is  surrounded by various flowers ranging from sunflower, Rose, Lili flower, Jasmine
  • His ground floor dining hall is filled with, medals and certificates: he own 2 storey building in Durgapur, West Bengal his ground floor dining hall is filled with medals and certificates, pictures and the most prestigious award in sports field that is Arjun award
  • He is very disciplined in  life:- he wakes up early and go  to bed early  he follow strict diet .today (11 Aug 2017 )  he turn  60 years old still he do service in Haldia just because to give  world class education to his single child
  • His home name is inspired by his sports field:- His house name is Shooter Den which is inspired by his sports shooting
  • After retirement plan:- his heart desire is to open a Shooting Academy in Durgapur to train the young shooter so that they can excel excellence in the sports field
  • Complete family man:- he is always busy with his job works but still when he has his free time he devotes it to the family this year he took his family to hilly stations when his daughter semester break was there.
  • 18 years don’t matter  if love is perfect:-  his wife is 18 years younger to him but still they have a great understanding in them cause they have a great bonding  and love
  • A  true Gentleman:- he married to his wife who was just 17th at the time of marriage (He was 35) but he waited for the right age  for having a baby and finally at the age of 21 her wife and he was blessed with a daughter (Sohiniin the year 1996 Really a gentleman !
  • MIDNAPORE RIFLE CLUB:-  His shooting club honored him with the title “KING OF THE RIFLE OF INDIA” This prestigious Club was opened by  Sri Harendra Nath Mukhopadhyay Governor of West Bengal on 23rd March 1953.
  • Sports Minister Ms Gill (1996 – 2001) Sanctions  life time pension for him:-  For performing exceptionally well and winning Bronze medal in Asian games held in Seoul (1986) he was awarded a life time pension of 6000/- INR per month